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By ferry you can travel all over Europe and create wonderful journey combinations. The ferry is the friend of the individual vacationer who does not want a break from the rod and loves the adventure of a varied holiday. Whether in a tent, motor home, or apartment - the host vehicle and the many European ferry operators offer countless opportunities fast, comfortable and exciting to reach its destination. Pack your bags and up to the Ship!

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How does the ferry booking with for the crossing by ferry can be done easily via the Internet. Those who opt for online booking on, gets at the end of the booking procedure a confirmation with all the details displayed and sent via email on the screen. Credit card data or similar sensitive data must not be specified for it! You will receive an invoice via email and pay them via bank transfer or credit card. After successful payment we will send you, depending on the ferry company scheme, the ferry ticket at no extra cost via email or mail. This document serves as a ferry ticket for boarding.

how does it work to use a ferry?

Embarkation is automatic in many ports and you have to get any more board cards in the ferry ports. This saves a lot of time. Some shipping companies However, you must, like at the airport, just visit the check-in desk. These are always clearly signposted at the ports. After a successful check-in before you drive the ferry where you enqueues itself to be waved by the staff on the ferry and sent to his parking space. The trip runs depending on the destination and duration of the crossing from different. So you can be on day trips (which are usually short) stay on the deck of the ferry and enjoy the weather while driving at night mostly a car can be availed or in part must. The cabins are located in the new ferries almost exclusively on the upper deck and are equipped with shower and toilet.

On the ferries there are usually Several restaurants, bars and leisure facilities including swimming pool, cinema, disco, children's corner, etc. More and more ferries offer the convenience of cruise ships, so the ferry is part of an individual holiday, in which the way the objective.Do not forget to book your ferry with us early - bookings are usually not a problem, even short term.

The main advantage of an advance reservation is that you have your place safe and the price is calculated, as they may harbor only get more expensive or no parking. Do you really want to take that risk? - Have fun while planning your trip, and we wish a nice ride!


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