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Our system will check after entering your desired date whether a crossing is possible on that day. The query is requested for the day, as well as + / - 3 days in the past and the future, with appropriate indication of the possible departures.

There is always only one way requested. Should this have been successfully retrieved, you will be offered to choose it or to leave it on the outward journey a return trip. This way may require a few more clicks of the mouse, but in the end it will be more successful, especially for complex queries with many people and vehicles.

in case you get displayed  
no departure even after multiple query different data , the cruise line does not offers any data for the selected period, this is normal if you reqest a long period prior the departure you wish.

fully booked departures are also no longer displayed by some shipping companies.

come back later and sign up to our newsletter system, it will automatically inform you if any news are known by us> see the tab above newsletter

If you have problems due to special circumstances prevent a reservation through the online booking, please book through our booking form. (see website)

As we obtain information directly in the shipping system, it may be partly that the shipping company does not provide any information on the ship. To learn what kind of ship it is and how long it runs, please use the PDF files with timetables and catalogs that we have defined for each cruise line and route on our website.

please always read the help information for each query page if necessary




Anders wie bei Flugbuchungen ist bei Fähren ein generell einfacher Preisvergleich nicht möglich, da viel mehr Parameter wie völlig verschiedene Fahrzeugdaten und Unterbringungstypen auf den Schiffen zu beachten sind.

Um dennoch eine möglichst komfortable Möglichkeit zu haben einen Preisvergleich mehrerer Reedereien auf einer Strecke durchzuführen, empfehlen wir Ihnen die Warenkorbfunktion in unserer Onlinebuchung zu nutzen.

Dazu fragen Sie einfach eine Strecke mit allen Daten ab, legen am Ende das automatisch berechnete Angebot in den Warenkorb und klicken auf eine alternative Reederei auf der linken Seite der Onlinebuchung. Diese Reederei fragen Sie ebenfalls mit den jeweiligen Daten ab und legen sie ebenfalls am Ende in den Warenkorb.

Wenn Sie alle Reedereien einer Strecke abgefragt haben, es sind selten mehr als 2 oder 3, rufen Sie den Warenkorb auf und löschen die Angebote die sie nicht mehr wünschen.

Nun können Sie das Angebot, das Ihnen am meisten zusagt, direkt buchen.

Viel Spaß bei der Zusammenstellung Ihrer Fährüberfahrt auf unseren innovativen Webseiten J


alternative booking area
special offers
Residenten save - up to 38% discount for the people staying in the Balearic Islands or Canary Islands
Special rates for residents:

For travelers with the 1st place of residence in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, the shipping company grants from the mainland to the islands 38% discount on the price per person (adult fare).

Within the Balearic Islands Canary Islands or the shipping company offers a 10% discount on the price per person (adult fare, pensioner rate).


The resident discount can only be granted prior to departure.

Please enter at the end of an online booking into the free text, if you are resident.

The discount is taken into account by us only after booking in the bill.

A review of your Residencia by us will not occur. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information and proof of Residencia at the port itself!

Please enter the free text at the end of the booking your home community in Spain and the NIF in number. The Resident discount is only for people and their vehicles carried granted that have a Rsidenzia.

Accompanying persons without Residenza can not get Resident discount granted and have to be booked.

A refund of the resident discount end of the trip is NOT possible.
Open Return
If your return is not yet possible to book or you basically want an open return, again this is now possible.


You just book a one way and end up writing in the free text field that you want to have bookedadditionaly a return trip as an open return.

The normal rate is taken without special conditions.

The open return trip is valid for 1 year from the booking date and can be canceled at this time for 25 euros again.

The open return can not be transferred to a fixed date, but may be submitted only at the desired departure at the port, the usefulness depends on the availability existing at this time!

It consists a small residual risk that the drive can not be started if no more places available.

Lt. But shipping is this usually not before, because for open tickets always a quota is held back.
schedules and price lists
generally information
Pets on Board
Pets such as dogs, etc., can be pre-booked! This is not just about the Online Booking.

Please enter at the end of the booking in the free text field the desire and the number of pets to be posted. You can also do after booking via email.

A dog must be accommodated on deck during the crossing in a kennel, these are available. Pets are not allowed to enter the interiors of the ship (in a box) .



Balearic Islands: Price per pet per route: 15 EUR

Canary Islands: Price per pet per route: 30 EUR
more sections than 3 ports - how to book

If you want to buy more sections, where it is at least 3 different ports, you must individually request these routes as Oneways.

You can call the individual spokes queries in your shopping cart and collect at the end of the queries.

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